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Association VFQ

VFQ - Association for Women and Qualification

The “Association for Women and Qualification” was the supporting organization for VFQ activities and VFQ offers when it was founded. In 2004, it founded the GesmbH and outsourced all operational activities to this new legal form.

The board of the association is made up of interested and committed women. Find out more about the individual personalities!

The board members

Mag.a Daniela Brandenberger

Board of Directors Mag.a Anna Maria Dieplinger

Board of Directors

Ulrike Fellner

Financial auditor

Adelheid Frank

Financial auditor

Mag.a Andrea Freisler-Traub

Chairperson Michaela Herzog

Board of Directors

Mag.a Christine Heyduk

Secretary General

Mag.a Ernestine Harrer


Mag.a Sandra Nuspl

Board of Directors

Mag.a Gabriele Trautendorfer

Board of Directors

Susanne Steckerl, MEd, MBA

Managing Director she:works GmbH

The history


FRAGILE was founded this year – a carpentry business set up by three young, ambitious women. With their pioneering spirit, they proved that success is also possible in a traditionally male profession. Today, FRAGILE is an established training workshop where young women learn the trade of carpentry and receive support with personal challenges.

Starting from 1989

Over the course of time, FRAGILE has developed further offerings that support women in skilled trades and in their professional development.

1996 – 1998

The construction of the VFQ building at Fröbelstraße 16 in Linz was a major milestone. The company moved in in 1998 and since then the building has housed the FRAGILE wood workshop, various services and the management and administration.

Starting from 1999

The “Contigo” employment project was launched after the team had recovered from building the house. Further offers for customers were developed and tested together with funding bodies.


The non-profit “VFQ Gesellschaft für Frauen und Qualifikation mbH” was founded by the Association for Women and Qualification. The operational tasks were transferred to the new company, and since then the short name VFQ has stood for “VernetzenFördernQualifizieren” (networking, promoting, qualifying) and is a reminder of the company’s roots.


VFQ began to expand and, in addition to the location in Fröbelstraße, opened further locations in cooperation with funding bodies.


The VFQ has received recognition and awards for its innovative ideas and work, including the “Golden Witches’ Broom” from the City of Linz as well as awards from the Ministry of Social Affairs and the ESF.


The year 2017 brought changes – the location in Traun was closed and the “Contigo” project was relocated to the Industriezeile in Linz. Women from various districts now have employment opportunities here. VFQ continues to react flexibly to changes and develops new offers to meet current challenges, always in the interests of its customers.


VFQ macht ein ReBranding durch: VFQ goes she:works GmbH – step into your power!

The new name reinforces the mission to promote and empower women in the labor market context. she:works GmbH wants to encourage women to develop their full potential and go their own way with confidence. In close cooperation with the Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences, a modern website is being developed that optimally presents the expanded range of she:works GmbH.

she:works GmbH is increasingly going outwards and is planning many exciting new projects. Cooperation with renowned partners from the business world and other organizations will create even more opportunities to support women in their professional development.

The team at she:works GmbH is full of energy and looking forward to the future. The new changes reflect the commitment and passion to promote and strengthen women in their careers. Step into your power – together we will courageously and confidently take the path to a successful future!

The association VFQ – Gesellschaft für Frauen und Qualifikation remains active and is an essential part of she:works GmbH.