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Sample text: Commitment and joint, loyal action by all employees is the basis of our success. That is why compliance with legal, social and internal company rules is part of a positive and open corporate culture. In order to meet this requirement, it is important to learn of potential misconduct so that it can be remedied.

All employees, as well as third parties such as customers, suppliers, etc., can report possible violations to our Compliance Department.

By providing us with your information, you will help us to uncover grievances against employees and business partners, criminal activities, and threats to our finances and image at an early stage, and to prevent further damage from occurring.Your information will, of course, be treated in strict confidence and, if you wish, anonymously.

If you have any questions or problems completing the online form, please feel free to contact our Compliance Department:

  • via Telephone: 0732908071 2000
  • per mail:
  • per Post: TODO

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